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Bring to life your favourite memories from back in the day

We are Vintage Photo Lab

Specialist bulk scanning for your old photographs

We don't do brain surgery, fix space rockets or build skyscrapers.
We scan photos. Lots of them. For your amusement, pleasure and safekeeping.

How we work
Pictures over words

We're here to make life easy, not to bombard you with pages of reading. We hope you'll find everything you need to satisfy your scanning needs but if there is anything you wish to ask, please do not hesitate to contact us. We've also made a real effort with our Frequently Asked Questions.

Safeguarding memories

We provide a simple and reliable, fuss-free bulk photo scanning service for all those forgotten boxes of memories, lying in dusty lofts, attics and cellars. A cluttered attic is a cluttered mind! And did you know photographs fade, even when kept in the dark? This spells disaster for the future.

Allow us

Sign up to a service and we'll take care of the rest. All of it. The collection, the return, the courier and of course, the scanning! You'll have your digitised photos back in your hands before you can say 'OMG - look at Uncle John's hair in that one?!'

We're not happy till you're happy

Our job is to impress you and to provide a service that exceeds all your expectations. Only when we receive confirmation that you are happy with your scans will we arrange for the return of your originals. If you so happen to recommend us to a friend - well - we could turn a blind eye to that!


Don't let your history disappear. Scan and share, with Vintage Photo Lab. Because we scan.