Classic Cars: Vintage Va Va Vroom

Second only to scanning your old photos, taking a trip in a vintage car is the fastest route to a bygone era, with little more than a sweet purr of the engine and a smooth (or sometimes not so smooth) turn of the wheel. And of course, thanks to iconic film roles and other glorious associations, there are some classic cars which have stayed in our minds and hearts long after they’ve been overtaken on the roads. Here are our favourite transports of delight from days gone by.

1. The Classic Mini

Shown above, designed as Britain’s answer to the VW Beetle, the Classic Mini has long since come into its own as one of the most iconic and quintessentially British cars ever to be made. Okay, the original version may not have been made for anyone pushing 5’3 but that’s just part of the charm.

2. The Aston Martin DB5

As its most famous fictional owner, a certain Mr. Bond may be to thank for the popularity of the Aston Martin DB5 but we think it has merit on its own too. Stylish and luxurious, with reclining seats and traditional wool pile carpets, it’s no wonder that this is one of the most coveted retro cars to date. We’ll take one in red if you please.

3. The Volkswagen Campervan

There’s nothing more firmly entrenched in retro culture than the VW Type 11 campervan. Although it’s not the quietest of rides, there’s nothing quite like heading out to the countryside in this groovy Oldsmobile to make you feel like you’ve been transported back to wonderland.

4. The Ford Mustang 4th Generation

When it was introduced in 1964, the 1st Generation Ford Mustang caused quite a sensation. Compared to most other mid-1960s cars, it was small and sleek; the sporting whip that came at a price almost everyone could afford and we love its ability to help everyone (including Sally) to live life in the fast line.

5. The VW Super Beetle

Everything about the original Beetle was designed to be as simplistic as possible, but this didn’t stop it from keeping a place in our hearts. By 1971, over a million had been produced and the decision to produce the super Beetle (often nicknamed ‘the bug’) was a costly one. But it was money well spent and as a result, the Super Beetle boasts a portfolio of starring film roles that most Emmy winners would be jealous of.