Your house is on fire…
What’s the first thing you rescue?

Place an order now, and you can save the dog too.

We don’t do brain surgery, fix space rockets or build skyscrapers. We scan photos. Lots of them. For your amusement, pleasure and safekeeping. Photo scanning made easy.

How does it work?

We can scan 1,000 photos quicker than you could make a Strawberry Angel Delight. Here’s how…

Step 1: Place your order online

We will send you a pre-paid courier envelope, via first class post.

Step 2: Choose a collection date

Pop your box of photos in the courier envelope and phone the collection number when you are ready.

Step 3: Have a cup of tea

You’ll receive a text and an email to confirm we have your photos and are scanning your order.

Step 4: Check your scans

We will send you your newly digitised photographs via WeTransfer to download and view. We will return your originals within five days.

Step 5: Now the fun starts!

Enjoy and share your photos. We’ll send your originals back to you after five days, unless we hear from you.

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Our Story

Vintage Photo Lab’s founder, Ed Padmore left the world of corporate IT in 2012 to scratch the itch he’d always had, of wanting to start his own business. He noticed a need for a really reliable and fuss-free bulk photo scanning service after trying to make a photo-book for his gran. Having spent hours with a frustratingly slow flatbed at home he realised pretty quickly that here was a service people needed.

Scanning, Ed realises, can be boring. But digitising memories is not – far from it, it’s incredibly rewarding. And increasingly important as thousands of old shoeboxes of photos still lie unloved in attics and cellars all across the country. Transforming the clutter into an easily accessible digital archive, Vintage Photo Lab’s mission is to make sure that printed images are both enjoyed in the present and preserved for the future.

While Vintage Photo Lab has grown, Ed remains a massive enthusiast of old photos. He is also the stickler for detail and the driving force behind trying to make your choice of Vintage Photo Lab and your experience of using our service one that you’ll remember (for all the right reasons) and want to tell everyone about.
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