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On or off the wall, the possibilities for your photos are endless…

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Maybe we’re psychic or maybe we’ve learned from experience, but we’ve got a funny feeling you might be looking to share your newly digitised photos.

Oh! Well did you know we can help with that too?

Whether it’s a slideshow for an event, a book for a special someone (or ten), a poster to brighten up the wall or even your photos on marshmallows, at Vintage Photo Lab we know all the best ways to bring your photos to life.

This is a completely bespoke service and one of our team will work with you closely to source whatever you’re looking for.

And of course there’s always Instagram.

Photo Books and Albums

We’ll take the hard work and hours of frustration out of this laborious process by making your photo book for you. Just send us a list of your chosen scans and we’ll mock the book up. You can make up to three rounds of changes and then we’ll even order it for you.

If we have scanned a whole album of yours, we can also replicate it page for page.

Prices start at £25.00.

Weddings, Funerals, Bar Mitzvahs…

Many of our customers come to us with an event in mind – looking to celebrate a person’s life through the medium of memories. Whether it’s organising a slide show, printing a personal newspaper or making a movie, we can help.

Prices start at £25.00.


It’s perhaps surprising how often our customers will digitise a photograph only to print it again straight away, but such are the fantastic opportunities for printed images now, we can’t blame them. Repaired and restored, enlarged, printed onto beautiful paper stocks, framed and shared in multiples, there are wonderful ways to display. And don’t forget to send us your sketchbooks too – we’ll scan anything we can.

Prices start at £25.00.


Calendars, cushions and cakes, there’s no end to the ideas out there when it comes to bringing digital imagery to life. Blow it up large and turn it into wall panels, publish your own tabloid newspaper, or fashion your photos on a t-shirt, it’s all possible.

And why stop at photos? Did you know we can also scan your children’s artworks (please no glitter or pasta, macaroni does clog up our machines rather), letters, scrapbooks and much more besides.

Prices start at £25.00.


Too busy? It’s all got too much? No time for faff? Our concierge service will take care of everything for you. Just contact us and we’ll take the hassle out of your scanning project.

Please note: We offer all the above services by working in partnership with our tried-and-trusted suppliers, a small selection of the UK’s finest companies in their field. This is a concierge service provided to our customers only. Vintage Photo Lab does not apply any mark-up or commission on any product we procure for you. We charge a one-off handling fee, agreed with you in advance.
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