Photo Album Scanning

Everything you wanted to know about photo album scanning, and more.

Digitising photo albums
Photo album scanning/ digitising beautiful old family photo albums is becoming more popular, and important.
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Photo album scanning? If you’re reading this blog, you probably already know that Vintage Photo Lab is the UK’s favourite photo scanning company. We digitise millions of old photographic memories for our customers every year. But one of the most frequent questions we get asked is if we also offer a photo album scanning service.

You know? Those amazing old ‘things’ that have been in the family for generations. They only come out once once in a blue moon and are only ever seen and enjoyed by the people who are sat in that room when they do get ceremoniously dragged from their dusty home in the loft or attic. Something we think is a real shame.

We’ve had thousands of cherished old family photo albums come through our lab for scanning and we can definitely confirm, no two photo albums are the same. Let alone the amazing contents, it’s actually quite rare to see the same kinds of physical album twice. Yes, there is a handful of popular old formats that we see time after time but, on the whole, what we receive is unique, and amazing, in so many ways.

What’s the problem?

Most of our competitors don’t offer photo album scanning. And we can totally understand their stance on that. When we started the company, back in 2012, we didn’t offer photo album scanning either. The main reason is it’s really quite a challenge to scan an album professionally, affordable and quickly enough for it to be commercially viable. But over the years, following request after request from customers about their albums, we gave in and went about finding the best way of solving this problem.

We have various different and clever scanners that we use to achieve this, as well as some creative approaches to digitising the pages of these unbelievably precious and sentimental artefacts of a life well-lived.

Photo album scanning service
Memories live here. Please scan me.
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Here’s some common reasons people digitise their photos and albums:

Safekeeping – from fire flood and just general fading
Preserving – to hand down to the next generation
For a special event – 65th birthday party slideshow
To mark a special occasion – 21st birthday photo book
Funeral – celebrate a loved one’s life
Emigrating – off to live abroad
Moving home – worried about something going missing
Divorce – each party wants a copy of the photos and album
Growing up – brothers and sisters want to share mum and dad’s photos

How much does it cost?

This is the second question we get asked…
For digitising loose photos, we have the fastest scanners in the UK. There are a couple of variables and obstacles to overcome but, on the whole, the process is very straight forward.

Album scanning is a very manual process. We have very good scanners and professional software, and knowledge built up over the years. But, ultimately, the main reason people use Vintage Photo Lab is to save time. And scanning albums takes lots of that. So there will always be an element of time related to the cost we need to charge for the process.

Pricing varies depending on the number of pages and complexity of an album. Some albums we see are a foot thick, contain greetings cards, telegrams, baby hospital bands, wedding invites and stapled letters etc. and we always try to replicate the warmth and composition of the original artefact. This can take time, but we think it is worth it. Others are more straight forward.

As a rough guide, here are some pricing information:

Low volume scanning: £1.50 per scan

Typical family photo album: £40.00 – £90.00

Discounts of up to 30% depending on total number of albums.

If you have albums that you would like to have scanned, please get in touch and request some more information today.

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