8 tips for creating your first photo book with Bob Books

You’ve decided to finally do something with your best photographs and love the idea of creating a beautifully crafted photo book, bursting with memories and character, but don’t know where to start. Sounds familiar? Making your first photo book can be a little daunting but Bob Books will guide you through the process – all you need is a moment of inspiration.

Here are some tips to keep in mind so you can enjoy making a book for yourself or a loved one:

1. Tell your story

This is your book so it’s important to have your stamp on it. What journey or moment are you trying to capture? The narrative of your photo book will come through if you consider the story behind the photographs. How did the adventure begin?

2. Organise and edit in advance 

The process of making a book will be infinitely easier if you already have your photographs and any texts you want to include in order. Avoid over editing, natural light is far superior to using filters and you want to make sure that all your pictures look uniform.

3. Select the right format

What kind of book will suit your photographs? If you’re looking to make a coffee table book that you can showcase to family and friends, our hardback lay-flat books are most popular. However, if you want to print a more informal book which can be stacked on a shelf, perhaps a paperback might suit your needs better. Bob Book has 5 different paper types and 7 sizes to choose from so it’s all in your hands.

4. Choose your design tool

The most popular creation method is our Bob Designer Software. Created with you in mind, it was made to suit every design ability. You can make your book without the Internet (you only need this when you are ready to place your order) and all your books can be stored on your computer. The other was to create a book include PDF-to-book, an online book creator, an iPad app, or their design team can even do everything for you.

5. Ask for help

Our customer service is based here in the UK so if you have any queries, just get in touch. We’re happy to help. You can reach us by phone, email, live chat, Twitter or Facebook. We’ve also got some really helpful short video tutorials that are just the thing beginners need.

6. Look for inspiration

Don’t be afraid to borrow ideas, our Bob Bookshop is a good place to start – have a look at what other people have made. You can also look online at similar photo books or check out the photo book section in your local book store or library. Look at fonts and different layouts which might suit your theme and style.

7. Less is more

Let your photographs speak for themselves – don’t use complicated layouts or lots of unnecessary texts. Cluttering the page with pictures can look messy and detract from a really great image. Use collages sparingly – with strong pictures you really don’t need much else.

8. Give it your voice

Including text in your book is completely optional. You might choose to make a purely visual diary and let the pictures speak for themselves. However, adding words can also be a lovely way to create a stronger narrative and help you remember certain moments – who you were with, where you were.

Once you’ve completed your book, you can publish it on Bob Bookshop which allows you to sell and share your creation with the world. You might even find a few others who share your interests!

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