Photo Albums

Most families have at least one. Usually hidden away, gathering dust. Only brought out at special occasions. It's time to preserve, celebrate and share those albums.

Photo albums are precious. Let us help you look after yours for generations to come.

No two albums are the same. But there are some common album types.

There’s the ones that you slide the photos in. We usually take those out and scan them as loose photos.

There’s the ring-binder ones, with sticky cellophane that covers each page.

There’s huge leather bound ones.

There’s modest ones.

There’s damaged ones.

There’s ones that more closely resemble scrap books; with glued in birthday cards, telegrams, postcards, invitations, ski passes, birth certificates and letters. We’ve even scanned albums with hospital new-born baby wristbands.

The one thing that is the same about all these albums is that they are treasures, much-loved, unique and irreplaceable snapshots of life.

We usually recommend scanning the entire album, each page in situ. We start with the cover and scan each page after that. This captures the warmth and composition of the original. But we can also crop individual photos from album pages if you prefer. It just takes a little longer.


Album scanning pricing

£1.50 per scan

Pricing is dependent on complexity and the number of pages but a typical family album costs between £40.00 and £90.00.

Discounts are available on orders over £150.00

To get started please make payment for £50.00 and we will take a surplus payment (or issue a refund) once we have finished scanning your order.