How it works:

We know it can feel daunting, finally doing something with that box of old family photos. But rest assured, we’ve done this a few times before and you’re in safe hands.

We do ask that you send us at least the minimum order for any of our services. This helps avoid an expensive second courier collection, should you wish to proceed with a full order after your trial.

For loose photos this is 100. For slides its 150. And for albums it’s 50 page scans.

Other than that, it works very much like a standard order.

1) Place an order online and we’ll post you a pre-paid courier shipping bag.
2) Pop your items in the bag and confirm your courier collection.
3) Your photos arrive on an overnight UPS service and we email you to confirm their safe arrival.
4) We scan a handful of photos at 300 & 600 dpi and send them to you via email.
5) If you wish to proceed with a full order we scan the rest of your photos.
6) If you decide you don’t want the rest scanning, we courier everything back to you free of charge.
7) Naturally, the Free Trial scans are yours to keep and enjoy.

Individual pricing for our services can be found here.



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