What to do with your scanned photos

Well done. You’ve cleared out the photo clutter from your home and you’ve scanned all your photos. Now what? It’s time to share the memories. Here are a few suggestions how.

  1. Make some photo books

So you have all of your old photos saved on your hard drive, but you still prefer looking at the real thing. There’s nothing like holding a hard copy in your hands, looking at paper rather than a screen. So why not make a book or two. They make excellent gifts and you can turn that one single family photo album into two or three – perfect for big families with lots of children who would fight over it. Have a read of our article: The 10 best photo book companies on the best photo book makers out there. We’ll help you find the right bookbinder for your budget and tastes.

  1. Make an online slideshow

These days you don’t need to lug around a projector, screen and box of slides to force your friends to look at how much fun you had on holiday. You can kindly give them one over email, so they can look at what you did without them over and over. All you need is your scanned images in a folder on your computer or tablet, the right software and chocks away. Your friends will be so glad.

Have a read of our article: How to make an online slideshow to find out the best sites for making your collection.

  1. Keep them safe on the cloud

Running out of space on your phone or your computer? Keep them safe on someone else’s online server, like Microsoft’s or Apple’s. Not convinced? We’ve listed some of the best cloud providers for photo storage in our article: Tips & tricks: Cloud photo storage.

  1. Transfer the whole collection

Scanning old photos is an excellent gift for parents and grandparents who live far away and may not have seen or even thought of the people in those images for decades. The problem is, once you have scanned everything, it can take up a lot of space on the old hard drive. Too much to send by email or WhatsApp. There are other ways. For instance, say you use Vintage Photo Lab to digitise your photos (thank you), we will send you a free DVD or set of DVDs with everything loaded up and we will also email you a link, which will take you to WeTransfer, a site that transfers large files and folders. Make sure you and whoever you are sending the files to has enough space either on their device or on their cloud.

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