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Vintage Photo Lab was launched in 2012 by Ed Padmore, who had noticed a need for a really reliable and fuss-free bulk photo scanning service after trying to make a photo book for his gran. Having spent hours going through the old albums and boxes one photo at a time, he realised pretty quickly that here was a service people needed.

We’d love to say that Ed ditched his career in corporate IT to follow a lifelong dream and indulge his passion for scanning, but we’re not sure anyone would believe that. Scanning, like corporate IT, can be quite boring.

What Ed is passionate about though is digitising memories. This is not boring at all. And not only is it rewarding but it’s also increasingly important as thousands of old shoeboxes of photos still lie unloved in attics and cellars all across the country. Transforming the clutter into an easily accessible digital archive, Vintage Photo Lab’s mission is to make sure that printed images are both enjoyed in the present and preserved for the future.

Ed remains intrigued by old photographs and the stories behind them. He is also a stickler for detail and the driving force behind making your choice of Vintage Photo Lab one you won’t regret.

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