What we do

What is Vintage Photo Lab?

Our service, explained in a sentence

We offer a professional photo digitising service for people who want to scan, share and celebrate their old photos.

Loose photos

Turn your piles into pixels, in a jiffy.

35mm slides

Mysterious squares reveal people in flares.


Page-turning time machines brought back to the future.

Who needs all their old photos made digital?

You didn't always think you needed "10,000 songs in your pocket".

Icon depicting a customer's photos being collected from their home.

Who we do it for

We digitise archives for universities, art galleries, record labels & even government departments. But our most rewarding work is helping families to share their treasured memories.

Icon depicting a van returning a customers' photos after they have been scanned.

We're good at it

The quality of our scans is exceptional. We pride ourselves on both this and delivering the best service we can. Easy to use, simple to understand. Honest, fair and something to remember forever.

Icon depicting the digitisation process and old photos becoming digital once scanned.

We love photos

The printed, unfiltered, uncropped and unedited. The silly faces and awkward angles of the 80s. The amazing outfits of the 60s & 70s, the ancient travels & adventures of a bygone age.

What we do

Print-to-digital wizardry

We take your analogue life, and make it digital. It's that simple.

If you or somebody you know still owns old photos – real, printed ones you can touch – then we can help.

  • Ensure future generations get to enjoy them too
  • Protect against fading or accidents
  • Make them easy to share, digitally
  • Create new versions and duplicates
  • Organise for easier browsing and captioning
  • Relive those treasured old memories
Digitised image of an old photo from the 70s showing a family on the tarmac at an airport.

We think of ourselves as scanning superheroes – on with the cape, a whizz through the lab, and whoosh... all is well.

Overwhelming dusty box

A service designed to be effortless for you

Your photos matter to you and that means they matter to us. But the very idea of sorting them out can be daunting.  

And there is always a real person at the end of the phone should you need to talk to someone.

Scan of an old photograph showing a family enjoying a day at the beach.
Scanned photo depicting a family posing for a photograph in their garden.
Consider it sorted

From To-Do to Ta-Da!

Tick it off your list, finally.

But actually, it’s not just about digitising your photos, it’s also about helping you to organise them, and figuring out what to do with those files once they are safely on your computer and phone.

We know about these sorts of headaches, we understand, and we’re here to help.

(On with that cape again…)