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Although this is the "About Us" page, at Vintage Photo Lab we pride ourselves on the fact that our business is never actually about us.

It's not even always about you. Our customers digitise their photos for the benefit of their families and loved ones – long gone or as yet unborn – it's about celebrating, preserving and sharing their memories.

We think it's important knowing who's behind a company. Especially if you might be trusting them with your irreplaceable photos. Vintage Photo Lab was started in 2012 by Ed Padmore. He was making a photo book for his gran & thought there had to be a better way than toiling with a flatbed scanner for hour upon hour.

Fast forward to today and we still use trusty flatbed scanners for some tasks. But we also have fancy ones too that can digitise 1000 photos quicker than you could make a Strawberry Angel Delight. What keeps us ticking is knowing that your family history is safe to be enjoyed – today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

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