What's it for?

Why would you want to digitise your old photos?

Yes they have been perfectly fine where they are for decades, but that shoe box in the loft is not just a time capsule, it’s a ticking TIME BOMB. They could get lost! They could get damaged! There could be a flood or a fire and what’s the first thing you save from a fire? Scanning your photos today means you could be saving the dog tomorrow.

9 out of 10 people would rescue their old photos if they could only save one thing from a fire

Icon depicting a pile of old photos that have been scanned to digital so they can be shared with loved ones.

Photos fade

There's no two ways about it. And your favourite ones – the ones you actually have framed on the mantelpiece – they'll be the first to go. Plus, we've all seen Back To The Future. If it can happen to Marty McFly, it can happen to you.

Icon depicting a strip of old negatives from a roll of film.

It's not for you

Do it for your the others – be the photo hero of your family. The benefits are endless, literally. Those yet to be born will be thanking you for your foresight, diligence and awesomeness. The 'crown jewels', handed down saved forever.

Icon depicting some old 35mm mounted slides.

Feel the freeing feeling

It's hard to explain...but knowing that your box of “clutter” is finally sorted is a huge relief. It’s also incredibly convenient to have a special, personal and meaningful gift up your digital sleeve in case of special celebrations and occasions.

Icon depicting the digitisation process and old photos becoming digital once scanned.

This is your legacy

You probably have enough selfies built up over the last couple of years. How about your grandparents on a date? Or your parents' wedding? These are the special moments that, with your help, can continue to live on, forever.

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