Order, order!

What can we scan?

If it's flat and scannable, we can scan it.

We understand your old photos weren't all taken at the same time, or even in the same era. Photo collections are frequently amassed over multiple decades. Gathering them together can often mean a team effort involving several people and different locations.

We will always return your originals in exactly the same batches and order as they arrive. If you do need to organise things so they can be returned to different sources, any photos in batches will be scanned in batches and returned to you in batches. You can use elastic bands, string, or even pop them into envelopes. If you write on the front of the envelope, we can even scan those too. If unsure, please just get in touch and we can explain the options.

Yes we scan

Photos, slides, albums, negatives
Birthday cards
Scrap books
Old telegrams
Birth certificates
Life stuff – the flat & scannable kind

No we scannot

Kids' paintings with glitter and pasta
Sticky photos – ask if unsure
Photos with Blu Tak
Copyrighted material – ask if unsure
Anything illegal – you'd be surprised
We don't develop film